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Super promotion business throughout the world

Taobao team growing stronger, it means that the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. More newcomers to join the ranks of Taobao, but now, Taobao’s business is not afraid of the goods are not sold before. Now, even if your goods are good, no advertising, no promotion, still no one to buy. Reputable businesses are better, because after all, there are repeat customers.

how to do marketing? Do the train if advertising is too expensive, wealthy merchants can do, but some started businesses, Taobao train, the money too. Spend so much money, in addition to increase the flow, not necessarily can lead to orders. It’s not worth it.

so there is a Taobao customer, Taobao had also called guest guest. Than the train, but there is no good advertising, increased traffic can not be underestimated. As a super promotion. How to say it is super promotion?. As Taobao customers, their promotion of the product, not confined to the Taobao platform, on any platform, they can release some of the links of the product, so that the rapid increase in store traffic. Not only that, because it is shared by Taobao customers, so there is a certain impact on the order reached.

now the network is developed, more people to join the Taobao Taobao this one to promote the army. Businesses are also more trusted to use Taobao to promote their own baby. Because compared to the high price of Taobao through train, Taobao is only after the order was reached to pay commission, and there is a lot of hits is also pulled over by Taobao. You know, the seller does not need to pay for these traffic. And not only the strength of small sellers with Taobao customers, those big sellers also like to use Taobao to promote products.

and for Taobao customers, the big seller’s shop reputation is high, the reputation of the crown itself is a promotion, so the promotion of this kind of shop is easy, the Commission is also very easy to take. But here is not to say that small sellers, Taobao customers can not promote the. This is not enough, as a guest of Taobao, but also to have professional ethics, can not open the door to refuse guests.

now, with Taobao guest this super salesman, at any time throughout the country to help Taobao sellers to promote goods. Had he also afraid of money not to come? You do promotion, really have to choose Taobao customers.

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