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How do marketers get data analysis in their work

The significance of

data in the marketing people have no need to repeat. But the real problem is facing all kinds of complicated "big data" concept, how can we seize the key, establish the perceptual knowledge of data analysis in the shortest time? How to work in cognitive gradually develop thinking




marketers have to face the industry trends

Holmes Report 2016 global communication report pointed out that, regardless of the public relations companies or internal corporate public relations department, data analysis has become a copy, strategy, communication skills fourth.


hope that this article can cultivate your data thinking ability and consciousness, master some marketing scene data under the common sense, understanding four step process of data analysis, I believe that your future work will help.


Why should

focus on data analysis

why is it important for us to learn data analysis

avoid racking our brains, the subjective;

provides support for decision making, which makes our conclusions more convincing and convincing customers;

explain the past and predict the future.

when it comes to solving problems, we say, "if you can’t quantify it, you can’t understand it. If you don’t understand it, you can’t control it". Data is everywhere, and everyone is faced with the challenge of how to absorb, understand and use the data effectively. Those who can effectively use resources to extract information from the data, the discovery of knowledge, and ultimately become the industry’s strong.


data in the field of marketing development process

first, let’s review the history of marketing. Marketing has experienced three stages of development. The first one is the 4P theory which was produced in the early 1950s, 4P theory is accompanied by the emergence of a combination of marketing, product, price, channel and promotion as the core. 4P theory can help us to understand the overall operation of a company. Then in twentieth Century the end of the 4C, 4C is the customer, communication, convenience and cost as the core, to the beginning of twenty-first Century, Philip · Kotler proposed a new concept, we have belongs to the era of marketing 3, a "human centered" era. The concept of "people" refers to all around the role of brand around, including both the real users and potential customers of the brand, including in brand communication is very important from the media, KOL, fans, including brand practitioners, employees and partners.


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