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Lu Songsong small station SMS is also a good way to promote

This time the

in 2009, I did more promotion, suddenly one day, I received a call "cow Honghong" one message, he told me that Lu Songsong has a XX website to steal your blog, not only to the copyright, the name to his own, and to I this site.

has stolen my article? I was very angry, and on the site to see, the webmaster kind of site I not only from the future, and never even heard of, I did not find what, is this enthusiastic people cheat me? Then I gave him reply message say, did not find, he told me that the administrator may have been deleted.

was in this bookmarking site registered 20 in my vest, with another landing, found the same sent his message, the same content, I suddenly understand, this enthusiastic people is through the website of the message to people. He is the webmaster, text messages are often sent to some of the web station promotion or SEO loving friends to send letter.

although I have a feeling of being cheated, but I still spent half an hour to look at this site, although most are pirated, but still patiently for a long time. If it is not his user experience and content to do the original bad, I will certainly collect his station. At this point, I think, there must be a group of people have become loyal visitors to his website.

then I think, I am in 10 several web station registered so many ID, why not go to "pull"? But through messages sent one by one, certainly not realistic, so I find in these ID for my blog readers, if the ID of a certain amount of SEO, promotion and the Internet site, it is able to identify this man and I certainly like drawn to like people.

if the contents of a collection of ID is the same URL, that is to say that this is to do with the promotion of ID, if the contents of the collection of the ID is the site of each site, that the ID is true. Through the observation of the contents of ID, who is the Internet enthusiasts, which is Ma3 jia3 promotion ID. After the identification of these, I will send them a message inside the station, the content is very simple. For example:

: Hello, XXX, I think Lu Songsong’s blog is supposed to be what you need, if love can add to favorites.

: I think it doesn’t make any sense to you such a collection of other web site, instead of listening to others talk, not this tool use.

content: some people say bad things about you on the blog, (with a web site).

a lot of people would come in the received message after all, if he think you site good, most people will choose to bookmark your website, or become one of your blog readers. This method is also suitable for the letter, micro-blog forum dialogue, blog BSP occasionally, you think carefully about.


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