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Wuhan 1 years to buy the site closed more than a dozen buy industry reshuffle

since last year, many venture capitalists and speculators have been involved in the field of power group purchase, the market into a frenzy, endorsements, advertising, accelerated expansion. However, with the increasingly rational consumers, buy site from the brutal growth to the marketing war to the high operating costs, buy the industry reshuffle or will come.

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July 19th evening, vice president of the United States Mission Network Wang Huiwen said publicly that the winter is coming to buy the industry. July 19th, CNNIC released internet report shows that in the first half of 2011, the number of Chinese users to buy from the end of 2010 to 42 million 200 thousand in the year of growth in, the annual growth rate of up to $125% in 2011. Wang Huiwen believes that the user seems to grow rapidly growing, but the cost of the market within six months, the number of practitioners, operating costs and the amount of investment has also increased by 10 times, the bubble is as fast as the ozone layer". He believes that the group purchase industry winter is approaching, but if the winter, spring will come.

a year down more than a dozen buy network

open the "group of 800" group purchase professional Daquan, WuHan Railway Station lists 28 group purchase website, the mainstream among them, the U.S. group, handle network, glutinous rice, 24 coupons, F group, full in his column.

According to the data statistics show that the third party

, Wuhan local group purchase website and the website of Wuhan station group purchase together about 100. From September 2010 to date, less than a year, has fallen more than a dozen buy site." Meituan WuHan Railway Station official said Wan Shaochun, when they just started, some contact with peers have been gone.


group purchase market capacity is how much? Wan Shaochun, if calculated according to the number of Internet users with online payment ability, the number of Internet users in Wuhan online payment capacity of about 2 million, according to 100 yuan / person / year spent in group purchase, the Wuhan market capacity of about 200 million yuan. A number of Wuhan buy site, in Wuhan, buy the best product sales in the food and beverage, especially buffet, followed by movie tickets, playground tickets, KTV coupons, etc.. June 2010 also handle network station in Wuhan Han, are fond of delicacy. Once, duck neck group out of more than 5000 copies.

earned money to fight traffic

to win more market share, a lot of group purchase websites have launched the lottery, low prices to attract users, have reduced their rebate, and even earn money.

a well-known network of WuHan Railway Station staff told reporters, and businesses to talk about business, often encounter peers. For example, businesses bid 100 yuan shopping card, a group purchase website to the price of 90 yuan to 10 yuan on the line, you lose. "It is losing money earned crying." The source said, many businesses will eventually choose to reach a low price cooperation, the industry for this low-end price war is very helpless.


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