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Chinese website navigation industry development analysis of three years up to 246%

1990s, YAHOO and other sites began to launch a web site directory, users click on the layers to get their own needs of the site, the site can be classified as a directory catalog site navigation prototype. 1999, hao123 site to create a home, marking the birth of the site navigation and entered the initial stage of development, in 2003, Cai Wensheng founded 265 Internet navigation. Until the home of the hao123 site was acquired by Baidu, the huge value of the site navigation gradually began to be discovered and recognized, the entire site navigation industry began to develop rapidly. 2005, 2345 site navigation launch, this period, the site navigation began to enter the commercial operation stage.

2008 is a variety of Web site navigation stations have sprung up one year, a large number of navigation sites to enter the market. As of the end of June 2008, the old site navigation site Hao123 web site home position has not been shaken. The number of daily coverage ratio is still way ahead, showing a dominant trend.

Following the 2004 Baidu

high priced acquisition of hao123 home site, the first half of 2008, the industry came 265 Internet navigation is global search giant Goolge acquisition news, new impetus to this news is for the development of the navigation industry.

08 first half of the year, the Internet navigation 265, 2345 web site navigation, good-looking and other sites such as navigation website ranking Hao123 site home, in the camp. In the face of fierce competition in the market, in order to quickly capture the market to obtain users, 265 Internet navigation, web site navigation and other commonly used and the promotion of software cooperation in.

according to industry data show that thousands of users to promote the cost of about 21-22 yuan. Changes in the way of promotion is also an important feature of the site navigation industry into commercial operation. Cai Wensheng began by alliance with the well-known software download, VeryCD Flashget, Wan Nengwu a pen input method to promote cooperation in early 2006, and continue to purchase various small websites (such as the TTJJ V111 web site navigation site navigation, etc.), the rapid expansion of user scale so as to lay position in the industry.

in addition to the above several large site navigation station, 114la, 9991, 1616, 5566, 7999 and other dozens of small and medium-sized site navigation station total daily coverage ratio and share the second camp site navigation industry be roughly the same, professional concentration decreased significantly, the market presents the monopolistic competition situation.

2008 is the year in which the Internet continues to grow and become popular in china. At the end of June 2008, Chinese the number of Internet users reached 253 million people, the scale of Internet users ranked first in the world. The proliferation of the Internet in China has reached a critical point, began to enter the stage of rapid growth. Benefit from the further reduction of network access costs as well as the maturity and attractiveness of Internet services, the scale of China’s Internet audience will grow steadily. Primary Internet

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