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Adsense network broadcast you can manage the number of WeChat mobile phone public domain name king C

1 can be on the phone to manage your WeChat public number  

last night, WeChat team on the WeChat public platform mobile phone version. On the operation, WeChat is still a public number as a service portal, the user through the public security assistant (micro signal: mphelper) public number can enter the WeChat public number of background management page.

through the experience of Lei Feng network public number, I found that you can view the phone side of the fan message, mass history and home page introduction and other three functions.

2 Android giant frustrated China in the second half of the mobile phone market who can lead?  

after the surrender of a poor fourth quarter 2014 earnings, all external eyes are waiting for the start of 2015, how Samsung will reverse the 5 consecutive quarter of decline. Perhaps the market is expected to be insufficient, perhaps the rebound effect temporarily failed to appear, Samsung Electronics is expected to give the two quarter earnings report is still not optimistic.

was a smash hit in the international market of mobile phone giant Android appears to be losing to China market control ability, is not only the Samsung, HTC, LG, SONY mobile, in the first half of this year Chinese mobile phone market competition, the "collective frustration" may be the most appropriate to describe Android International brand market China market performance of vocabulary.

When BAT or

3 children ten years ago normalizing "stationmaster" now go?  

"past stationmaster is the real deal for customer service, so do the same thing, we will be very good. Webmaster circle is mutual help, we emphasize the common progress." This kind of each other Freemasonry in today’s Internet industry frequently but the tear forced long vanished.

peak period there have been thousands of people to sign up for the activities of the Chinese Internet webmaster conference, but this year quietly.

famous individual stationmaster Lu Songsong in May 25th in his blog, has been held for nine sessions this year shut down, and activities in the last year changed its name, the original "stationmaster" two words is erased, instead of the Internet entrepreneurs conference.

4 years of mobile phone QQ plagiarism WeChat road  

mobile phone QQ launched a public platform in the news, both from the media, marketing, or ordinary users have registered to join the army. Then eggs, all just QQ public platform that flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, did not come to the party, but to wait until August. However, the good news is that the mobile phone QQ towards WeChat looks like a big step forward, today we look back over the years of mobile phone QQ is in this way gradually asymptotic


days before the Internet began to be launched by the mobile phone QQ platform for the public to stir up the news of the heat >

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