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Online reselling fake worth more than 2 billion 200 million and 140 illegal websites shut down

According to Xinhua news agency, Beijing, December 14

Xinhua (reporter Bai Yang Zou Wei) 14 reporter learned from the Ministry of public security, in the near future to carry out special operations in the country 29 provinces and city police destroyed a total of illegal business of selling counterfeit drugs, more than and 400 criminal gangs, shutting down illegal websites, shop more than and 140, arrested 1300 suspects more than, seized fake Iressa, "Xinnaokang", "Bao" and "Chaihu oral liquid" such as drugs (tablets, 3 more than 100 million grain branch), seized 9 tons of raw materials for fraud, involving a value of more than 100 million yuan in 22.

this year, found that the public security organs, some criminals reselling counterfeit drugs through the Internet is very conspicuous, the Internet is becoming an important means and channels of illegal drugs, selling counterfeit crime. In this regard, the Ministry of public security in June this year to deploy around the establishment of the special action group, has organized various public security organs involved in three net action.

the police, the case from the current detection of counterfeit crime involving network, mainly has the following characteristics: some criminals in the news portals, search engines, and all kinds of medicine, chemical, health, investment consulting and other professional website on the illegal drug advertising, to attract business, luring patients deceived; some website, online shop copy, copy, professional medical information, disguised as the formal medical institutions, or to "purchase" and "direct manufacturers" emerged, deceive the masses; some use of communication tools to provide each other in series, and reselling the counterfeit drugs, the formation of underground industrial network.

Ministry of public security official said, online sales of counterfeit drugs from starch and expired, spoiled raw material, and add a lot of disabled, sedative, hallucinogenic or toxic and harmful ingredients, a direct threat to life and health. The public security organs will actively cooperate with the food and Drug Administration and other departments to strengthen the source of governance, efforts to trace the flow of counterfeit drugs, safeguarding the vital interests of the masses. To remind the public security organs, such as in the online purchase of medicines, be sure to choose with the online drug trade qualification website, and timely to the relevant government website to verify.

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