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Ai Rui 09 years of nternet advertising brand advertising costs up to 9 billion 400 million

February 5th news, iResearch consulting analyst Shen Jiayin today released an analysis report pointed out that in 2009 the Internet advertising brand advertising costs of 9 billion 370 million yuan, an increase of more than 08 years of 12.9%. Among them, the video site brand advertising costs rose to 6.3% share.

Ari pointed out that the comprehensive portal site in 09 years still occupy half of the network advertising costs, but the share of more than 08 years fell 5.3 percentage points; the traditional network advertising key channels IT website share is down 0.9 percentage points over 08 years.

on the contrary, advertisers online video site delivery costs 09 years of substantial growth, accounting for 6.3% of the total running costs, up 3.3 percentage points more than 08 years, becoming the third largest network marketing platform after portal website and IT website.

In addition,

, auto finance, news and other vertical websites online advertising market share also rose slightly, the network advertising media type diversification.

latest monitoring data show that the cost of the industry for 09 years in the video sites have a larger increase in the first seven sectors rose more than 100%. Which is the most important network services in the video site brand advertising industry, 08 and 09 years of accounting for the cost of more than $1/3.

network services, including online games and online shopping, 09 years of the breakdown of these industries in the video site delivery costs are more than 60 million. Comparison of the video site for 08 years and the cost of advertising in the structure of the discovery, food and beverage, clothing, toiletries and other necessities of life, the proportion of the cost of the industry has increased on the rise in the proportion of 09.

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