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With East early as the JNGWAH times on the same day suspends

Abstract: after January 1, 2017, the "JINGWAH times", "Oriental Morning Post" newsstand may be more lonely bar.


in the last month, micro-blog confirmed that JINGWAH suspends, "times" published on the front page of today’s announcement with all the official farewell.

according to the December 29th "JINGWAH times" on the front page of the announcement, "JINGWAH times" (Paper Edition) January 1, 2017 xiukan, at the same time, retention and development of the "JINGWAH times" new media business. A poster also said that since 2017 the "JINGWAH times" from paper-based newspapers to the Internet, new media.

"over the past few years, due to changes in the impact of new media and the market environment, JINGWAH" troubled times ", a serious loss, failed to break. This tide, after repeated consideration, careful research, the higher authorities made JINGWAH times competent organizers changed to Beijing daily newspaper group, and in January 1, 2017 suspends decision." In November 14th, JINGWAH released the newspaper suspends news through the official micro-blog.


times" by JINGWAH news comprehensive urban people’s daily in charge of the host, was founded in May 28, 2001. In September 2, 2011, JINGWAH replaced by "times" sponsored by the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee Propaganda Department Director, completed the transfer of Beijing from the central to local, from the launch date, "JINGWAH times" has been 15 years of history. October 2010, the world newspaper, the Press Association released the world’s top 100 newspapers in the world’s top 100 newspapers in the world’s top 100 newspapers in 2010.

but in recent years, the impact of the rise of new media and intelligent terminals of the Internet, television, newspapers and other media continue to suffer, the traditional media revenue declined year after year, weak support.

will be on the same day and suspends the "Oriental Morning Post". According to reports, the Oriental Morning Post, the original news reports, public opinion guidance function, will be transferred to the surging news network. The reason behind this is the media influence in terms of revenue and potential failure. Surging news in the core index of originality, spread of power, the influence of media coverage and has surpassed the "Oriental Morning Post", "Oriental Morning Post" has bid farewell to the paper version, the transformation to the new Internet media conditions."

at the same time, six wholly owned or wholly owned enterprises operating on the surging news Shanghai orient press Co., Ltd., the main strategic shareholder, capital increase of 610 million yuan. After the completion of the transaction, the Shanghai newspaper group’s shareholding ratio of Oriental newspaper company changed from 100% to 82.2%, surging news valuation of more than $3 billion.

conform to the habits of readers to the Internet, new media transformation has become the development of the next print station, and in the future, perhaps there will also be a comprehensive print publication moved to new media events. (titanium Media Editor Hector Jing reported )

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