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Blog self-discipline convention to encourage users to create real name registration

The city attorney Ran Dongming

recently for registering their own "trial case" blog, the blog he intends to use anonymous, the future may have to offer real identity information to the website blog! Reporters learned from the China Internet association, the blog service self-discipline convention (Draft) was officially announced yesterday, and from May 21, 2007 to May 28th Internet access to public opinion.

in the China Internet association propaganda department vice minister Dai Wei to the morning news reporter "blog Convention", the contents of seven for the first time on the blog of the registration agreement of "standardization", and expounds the relevant rules for the implementation of real name blogs.

convention encourages blog real name registration

According to Dai Wei

, the "Convention" blog service discipline (Draft) blog service providers to encourage the implementation of real name registration of bloggers, and through the establishment of real blog community etc. to provide high-quality personalized service for the real name real name blog recommendation blog, good works, to create boutique real name blogs. "The Convention" said bloggers in the background to apply for registration of real information, whether published or publicly used their real information, agreed by bloggers and service providers, bloggers can use their real names, can also use anonymous pseudonyms or nicknames, etc..
"Convention" special provisions, the real name of blog information shall include but not limited to the following: the author’s name, number of valid documents (such as ID card, military ID, passport, driver’s license, etc.), contact information (such as telephone, email etc.).

the Convention also requires blog providers to develop effective real name blog user information security management system to protect the blog user information. "Without the permission of the real name blog user, I do not disclose or provide the user registration information to the third party and the contents of the non public blog stored on the website, except as otherwise provided by laws and regulations."

in the "Convention", Chinese Internet Association conducted "standardization of blog registration protocol complexunorganized". In the future if you want to apply for a blog, users may have to follow seven commitments.

Dai Wei said: "the blog service provider shall sign an agreement with the requirements of the bloggers, conscientiously fulfill their obligations, refused to sign the service agreement, blog service providers have the right to refuse to provide services to its blog. Such as the author of the breach of the service agreement, the blog service providers should be promptly corrected or stop providing blog services."

users write "heart" is the key to

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