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Develop your website traffic tips

personal blog how to improve the amount of access to it? I believe this problem is a lot of personal blog has not yet been thinking. Of course, if you are already in a field of more well-known blog, it is not to think about the flow problem but the quality problem. I am also thinking about how to improve the amount of access to the SEO blog, according to the current log statistics, this blog has not visited my previous blog. On the network to find a number of blog articles to enhance the amount of visits and analysis of some of the more popular blog, I found that the growth of blog traffic is rooted in the accumulation of time and quality. A previously unknown blog is unlikely to become famous overnight and attract a long visit. John Wesley on the Pick the Brain blog on the growth of 27 blog traffic tips and suggestions, perhaps for those of us who are still a little personal blog site for the amount of melancholy.

(Pick the Brain 6 months, there are currently 97 articles and comments on the 1602. But its traffic over 3000IP per day and has 2200 RSS subscribers).

1, the most important two points: A, blog content to benefit others, can help visitors solve problems. So they’ll come back again. B, to have the characteristics of personality. Have their own characteristics in order to stand out in many blogs.

2, do not use the blog as a tool to make money. Although many people on the Internet blog are making money, but it requires a lot of effort and patience, and you need to love to record and share and certain writing skills.

3, so that users can easily find your RSS subscription address.

4, RSS subscription is best to provide full text, rather than summary. It’s better to have someone look at your article than nobody else does. Don’t care too much about where other people are.

5, if you do not determine whether an article is meaningful, then put aside the first publication. If the second day is still hesitant, then delete it. A bad article is not worth or not published, otherwise it will affect the value of others to determine your blog.

6, be mentally prepared, in the next 3 to 4 months (perhaps less time) to find nothing to write. Once you have inspiration, you should take good care of it. No need to develop a feeling of inspiration and not cheating.

7, although the quality is king, the article is the main channel to attract visitors. But don’t be shy about telling people about your blog in a variety of ways, telling them that you’re doing the best you can.

8, write some eye-catching headlines and publish your articles on other websites to let others know and find you.

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