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Valentine’s day marketing seven steps

Valentine’s day website promotion, as the name suggests is the Valentine’s day, the use of the Internet to carry out marketing activities.

according to the folk saying, China’s network marketing industry is from the beginning of Valentine’s day network marketing began to develop gradually. Although the true Chinese Valentine’s day only the Chinese new year, but the Chinese have been used to two Valentine’s day together. Even the western February 14 "ocean" Valentine’s Day is more popular than the Chinese lunar calendar "Earth" Valentine’s day. Based on the "two Valentine’s day together" the basic national conditions, many manufacturers have on the two auspicious occasion, and opportunistic profiteering. Especially in the field of network marketing, is more spell fight at outrance "foreign", seeing the 2009 Valentine’s day will bring, in order to meet the new year after the first network marketing war, summarized the "Valentine’s Day Network Marketing seven steps" to share with you.

the first step: site facelift to advance

The so-called "

have friends come from afar, of course, to clean up the first. What are the main aspects of plastic surgery website


first, creative LOGO. LOGO is a symbol of the site, reflecting the overall style of the site. For example, Google, Baidu two search engines, festivals or events will produce special LOGO.

second, open Valentine’s day special. Edit some articles related to the topic on the internet. Topics can be more eye-catching to attract user attention. Special to calm, the feeling of trust, in addition to the thematic content equivalent to help readers are classified, so as to improve the user experience, no trivial matter visible thematic role festival.

third, design alternative advertising. Such as the production associated with Valentine’s day website, antithetical couplet joke pop-up, funny FLASH, funny little video etc..

fourth, the background changes. If the conditions are ripe, you can consider ZhengZhan CSS background replace, let the customer login to your site to feel the warmth of the festival atmosphere, to linger.

Second step

: do not let the discount covered eye

a lot of manufacturers to the site there is still a misunderstanding that Valentine’s Day is a discount online marketing discount again, that discounts can increase sales. In fact, Valentine’s day in the process of online marketing, emotional value is far more than discount. The user is immersed in the festive atmosphere, immersed in the romantic atmosphere, and all these factors are not driven by the price. At this point, we have to consider is how to make our goods bear feelings. Therefore, we have to do is not blindly discounted, but the connotation of mining goods, the goods to do the most special and most meaningful packaging. Let Valentine’s day carry more emotional than price and discount. When a friend receives a gift, the first thing to think about is "what does it mean?"".

third step: electronic cards to real name

whether it’s Valentine’s day or any other day

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