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How to use Baidu space to promote the site

my Baidu space daily visits of about 500, is now nearly 40 thousand total visits. Here to share some of my knowledge and understanding of Baidu space.

A: Baidu space is very subtle, and not as Sina blog to build a Baidu on the one, I have almost 10 to a Baidu space, but only a collection of only. In addition, after the establishment of the space Baidu will have a period of observation, I Baidu space in the content of almost a month before release.

two: Baidu space weight is very high. For the frequent use of Baidu space friends will find that the same article, even if you are reproduced in Baidu search, Baidu space is often ranked first. So we can add the hyperlink in the space of the site, the effect is very good spider cited.

three: included good for the chain. For regular updates and included normal Baidu space, basically published an article on Baidu included a. (the next day included, rarely will be included on the day)

four: Baidu space account with Baidu is a exchange, that can be used directly with Baidu space account opened a shop. If a shop may be used as early as possible friends can apply for a good account name after.

five: support hyperlinks. According to my recent view, in addition to Baidu space, other blog articles if with hyperlinks, Baidu is not included, but the contents of the hyperlink in Baidu space is still included.

six: RSS subscription. When the flow of Baidu space is stable, you can add a RSS subscription in space. In, for example, in the space to set up a good RSS URL, the top of the space will have a RSS subscription column, as long as I have the contents of the site update, the space RRS subscription will be updated accordingly. When visitors open my space, the main position is displayed in my website content, click on the site can be directly accessed. Used to do a good job to promote the site. However, I found a phenomenon, the contents of the text as pure RRS does not update.

seven: Visitor source analysis. Space comes with access to statistical analysis, that can be seen through what keywords or what is the key to find my way through the analysis, to determine the site keywords can help.

eight: Post Bar / know / encyclopedia. These sections of the account and Baidu space is interoperability, training a weight Baidu account will allow you to use in different business segments will be more convenient.

added: if you need to use Baidu space for a long time, then I would like to remind you that in the space of advertising and links should not be too obvious. I was closed yesterday, a Baidu space, because the link was closed.

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