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Mou Changqing talk about cool 6 network promotion means

wrote "talk about the video sharing site that I’m familiar with", and today I’m writing this series. When I was in front of the company and cool 6 network has a very close cooperation, and cooperation is very happy, private and cool friends also talk about more than 6. Many are still very good friends, such as "mumayi" "hearts" and "Ze Tian" etc.. Therefore, I am also very familiar with the cool 6 network, so the introduction of the second video sites, first talk about cool 6.

Cool 6 network gave me the deepest impression there are two main points: the promotion of cooperation is particularly good (no money, less money, the same access to a large amount of traffic), 1. 2 is particularly strong sales ability (no shortage of advertising). I think it’s cool 6 to be able to rely on a small amount of money, go to the present basic guarantee.

one: Cool 6 network promotion

because they are doing promotion, so the most concerned about the video site is also in this area, so I talk about the more familiar. Cool 6 CEO has said that the initial venture capital on the 200W, this money is not enough to buy a server, how to do in the absence of money to promote the. Because of the persecution of the environment, so cool 6 network in the promotion also spent more thought, and other video sites out of the same line of promotion.

original alliance

Cool 6 did not like other video sites in the early stages of finding a large number of agency advertising. But to create a set of their own promotion model, the number of users to upload their own video to show the number of ads and cool 6 together to enjoy advertising. When I go to Baidu Post Bar search for the word "Ku6", obviously than other video website links. Because of the temptation of money, there are a large number of users to promote their own spontaneous Cool 6 video. Many users through the cool 6 release of the original video, to share the high cost of advertising on the monthly income of 10000 yuan, higher than the work income. Like the cool 6 was the slogan, the money together to earn.

website merge

case 1: Cool 6 is very clever at the site when the initial popularity is very busy and put at the "mumayi forum" with the. When the input is directly jump to the cool 6 home, mumayi and cool 6 domains are also bound together. A friend may be found for a long time, and ALEXA ranking is the same. Through the forum in mumayi put a lot of cool 6 video ads, so that the newborn Cool 6 has been the first flow, also let website ranking better.

Case 2:

in the cool 6 network development a year later, again staged a merger. Put a focus to do network game to merge information. The form of cooperation and mumayi like. At that time, there are also a direct jump to the domain name 6 cool network, there are a lot of cool ad on the u9. U9 domain name and cool 6 have bound, careful friends will find that u9’s ALEXA rankings and cool as well as the same as the 6 nets. Just now >

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