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30 minutes and 46 single remember my experience in the nternet Security Conference on purchasing

about a month ago, I was honored to participate in the 2014 China Internet Security conference. At this meeting, I successfully sold 46 week old book book "my Internet methodology", the whole sale price, this is the first time I feel what is called "received soft money", half an hour to sell 46 single, the general process is this:


when I made the first micro-blog, found a new friend at the scene, he is cloud lock Liao Sen, the little brother was recognized in the cloud lock conference, behind all talk good, I found to safety after the General Assembly will have to get me a brand exhibitors, let I entered the exhibition center in advance.

was hanging common cards can only be picked up first, to go after the exhibition, with this blue card, not only can advance into the exhibition, also Guanfan, can be said to be listed on the VIP.

is certainly not without any cause or reason to, as a Chinese general, received a Guanfan brand exhibition, the first station is certainly cloud lock booth.

as well as from the media, especially the regular participants, the organizers invited you to be sure that you want to take pictures from the media’s identity to go back to write the sentiment, the purpose is to help them a lot of publicity.

so my first stop is the cloud lock booth, because the server does not understand the security, the basic state of playing soy sauce, the only thing is to take pictures, especially more than shoot sister, because you like.




meeting breaks, people continued to come, I will also be run to other booths around, think of this conference is sponsored by 360, so the most prominent position is the 360 exhibition booth, just recently met online hot fried old week book "my Internet methodology".

then bought three copies, one for personal use, one to send Liao Sen, a reader. PS: originally intended to directly to the blog of loyal users, but behind the thought, free time should have passed, yiyuanqipai words just to test the readers under the purchasing power, so in the QQ space, micro-blog, WeChat made a circle of friends this information.


(WeChat screenshot inconvenient, with micro-blog instead)

indeed, in all the comments in a friend of the highest bid is 350 yuan.

and a friend said, no matter who bid, I have added 10 yuan on the original basis.

this way, I am very difficult to do, do not want to black users of the money, but the auction of too many people, but also worried that some people will be disappointed, all the changes immediately after the strategy, >

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