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Peng Yucheng Baidu know can not send a solution to the site

many webmaster friends also miss the previous Baidu know, because through the Baidu know can be very good to promote their own websites, advertising, phone, hair. If not particularly crazy, that Baidu is generally not you. But these two years, the exact point should be this year. Baidu know what a significant adjustment, and now want to know to do some promotion work more difficult by Baidu, not reply too much was banned, delete the account, is the contents of the reply is not displayed, unable to send site and so on, but as long as you are careful of Baidu know, also can use him for effective promotion today, first to share with you Baidu know that can not be made website solving skills.

look at Baidu can not know the reasons for the URL:

1, account level is not enough. Baidu know account also has the grade, the higher the level of rights is greater, in reply to some problems can easily answer up, add the URL can not be all can reply, reply too much may account will be closed.

2, web site is Like Baidu know also has automatic shielding function, the.Com,.Cn to send up the suffix URL is difficult, there may be some friends will say you have gone up, but this is just an isolated phenomenon. You try a few more, maybe even the site will give you a seal, so it is not recommended to stay in such a web site inside the contents or reference.

3, Baidu space address. I have seen a friend of the Baidu space address into Baidu know the answer, but every so often will be deleted, if not be lucky enough to delete, because Baidu know clearly can’t put Baidu space address, you can go to Baidu know the agreement to see inside.

4, reply too much content, and includes a unified URL, this situation will appear even the answer is not answered, the answer to those content will be mercilessly deleted. Or have friends ask ourselves from a user deliberately to a web site, this kind of situation, the most serious is may even answer the contents are deleted.

how to do in Baidu know hair site, to achieve our purpose:

according to Peng Yucheng’s long-term study of Baidu found that there are several techniques can circumvent the above problems can not send a web site:

1, do not use the same account every day, the same IP to answer too many questions, in this case, the release of the URL link is likely to be displayed, otherwise everything is empty blowing.

2, URL if if the site, then please leave as soon as possible within the page link address, and thus can send up, it also allows users to click to view to the specific content of the page, and not from your site looking for.

3, if you have a blog, please stay as far as possible in addition to Baidu space other blog address, such as Sina, 163, Sohu and other blog address is not much problem, as far as possible not every time >

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