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Where to find a lot of information on the radio

classification information, presumably everyone in the early construction, the most distressing is that there is no information.

I is a new style of Siping supply and demand information station, at the initial stage of the construction also encountered the same difficulties and we.

a few days ago in a taxi, and occasionally heard our local traffic literature and art platform, there is a program called " people family " release is the local information.

inspiration: why don’t you put the information on the local broadcast to the network.

" and Taiwan Siping traffic; people family " this program every two files, each time is 30 minutes, the amount of information a day at about 150.

specific method:

to buy a good effect of the sound machine.

host’s speed quickly, even if you are typing fast you could not keep up with the.

so you have to show is recorded. Then with thousands listening, so if you don’t keep up with it, you can pause, or hear a.

recommended recording software:

Blu ray MP3 recorder

every place, presumably have similar programs. In accordance with the above method, you do not worry about nowhere to find classified information, and all the original.

there is, there will always be a local radio advertising, such as shopping discounts, recruitment and the like, you can publish to your forum.


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