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20 thousand and 130 electricity supplier wonderful case

to do a wonderful company, is a very cool thing.

there are so many wonderful people, they stubbornly find or create the hearts of the most perfect products; they respect for nature, love the original, to industrialized production; they are good at using technology to transform the original business model; they are more willing to respect the consumer, consumer attitude and friends stand together with them; the past can not match the brand brand popularity and customer loyalty, their fans are proud of them, to share and spread……

found these wonderful people, is also a very cool thing.

Pharmacist Hwang: create a strong spiritual features with the best products of the brand

founder: Gu Xun


founder Gu Xun Pharmacist Hwang was Kerry brand group director, has witnessed the rapid development of Jinlongyu to billions of billions from the. 35 year old resignation venture, Gu Xun will target the body cleaning and care products, handmade soap is the most suitable products to enter the industry.

"Pharmacist Hwang" shop to sell Thailand Syria handmade soap. This is he in 40 countries, with more than 1 years of time, research and trial of more than 50 kinds of soap.

Gu Xun’s business plan is divided into two stages, the first to sell soap soap. He opened a studio in Hongkong and Taiwan. In a cooperative manner, R & D, modulation more in line with the skin of the people made products.

although the positioning of the high-end niche market, but the market also has the possibility of infinite, "Pharmacist Hwang" to choose the best products, to create a strong spiritual characteristics of the brand, through both the "small", successfully hit a group of people or even a plot of a generation and could be pursued as a large.

Wavebetter face artifact: single product success card

founder: Lin Ze


July 2012, Lin agent’s face washing machine brand Wavebetter officially landed Tmall, an on-line sales fiery, has remained the same position in the first sales of Taobao products. Wavebetter striking point is that the shop only sells a washing machine, and then sporadic sales of peripheral accessories. The new play, so that the market is called Wavebetter face artifact".

wash machine compared to many big hundreds of thousands of yuan, Wavebetter is more close to the people, activities of the price of around three hundred or four hundred, plus the discount coupons, for the initial wash machine products consumers, such pricing is very good.

Wavebetter just a fist product to occupy the first position of the same product sales in the Tmall system created a >

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