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Good soft soft Wen promotion to convert ideas is so tempered

for soft wen I think we are very familiar with, but how to write good soft Wen, write soft Wen that?. I think I wrote the soft and others absolutely not the same, because I am not a soft article in fact, soft. Why? Because I want to write soft mind I have to write this article the most wonderful, completely don’t make it a soft paper to write an article to be one of the most common problems, we set up, summed up the problem, the formation of a soft article when. After you write the article, in the article should consider how to insert your URL or the name of the station. Zaoqiang network experience is not in order to promote only write soft Wen, the idea to turn around, holding in order to help people solve problems and write soft, very simple!

so now some people ask, how do I know what others have to solve the problem that? My advice is to go to Baidu or YAHOO answers, ask the search Tencent interested in your words, see what others are in question, how to answer, sort out these problems, the formation of a very good soft material.

how to insert your promotion into the article

1. The "I think" into "Zaoqiang feel".

2 put forward the use of the article and methods, with their own example.

3 for your article with a pair of illustrations, add your watermark on the map.

4 at the end of the article with copyright.

for each of the following a few of the most conducive to the dissemination and curiosity of the soft article title.

1: the most convenient way to lose weight


2: the most high-definition movie website


3: women like men’s ten actions

4:09 the most cattle domain name you dare to point it?

5: China’s ugliest 15 women

read the title, I think a lot of people can’t help but wonder and click on it, at least the title to attract the attention of others, the purpose is to let the other people can’t help but wonder and click to go, in fact this title has a lot of ideas, you can play your head with good, soft and a way of thinking, then you will naturally promote efforts to strive for further improvement.

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