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Hundreds of listed companies rush to financing lease about 70% enterprises are empty


the financial leasing business risk investigation work, mainly around whether there is an absorption or disguise to absorb public deposits, fictitious leasing and other financial leasing in the name of the behavior of disguised loans.

"Economic Reference News" reporter recently learned from the industry, the financial leasing risk investigation will wrap up this month to end. From the association to reflect the situation, it is found that there are a small number of enterprises lost contact, super leverage and other issues, the overall risk control. On the other hand, with the continuous influx of large amounts of funds, financial leasing industry in recent years the rapid development of the long-standing began to emerge: current industry is about 70% of shell companies, financing difficulties, lack of talent has become increasingly prominent.

reporter learned that, after the Ministry of Commerce issued a notice, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and other places have been carried out within the industry risk investigation work. "The risk investigation work after the Spring Festival has started, in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Commerce, to complete the financing lease at the end of March the risk of investigation work. The risk investigation work has two background: first, the Ministry of commerce requires annual routine inspection, the implementation of the relevant provisions of the State Council of Beijing is the disposal of illegal fund-raising two." Zhang Juguang, President of Beijing Leasing Association on the economic information daily reporters.

it is understood that the financing lease enterprise risk investigation work, mainly focus on the existence of absorbed or disguised deposits from the public, fictitious lease disguised loans to engage in the behavior of financing lease between the name associated with the company lease to buy high low value and high value low rent is obviously inconsistent with the laws of the market trading behavior whether or not, false propaganda, fictional project through open channels of financing, the proportion of risk assets is more than the specified limit as follows.

at present, did find some problems, such as more than a dozen companies lost contact, there are a number of enterprises and other issues such as leverage.

but the overall risk is not so big." Zhang Juguang said.

however, in the long term, the development of the industry problems have begun to appear. Insiders told reporters that the current domestic financial leasing industry has two "28 phenomenon": one is the financing lease business, about 20% of direct hire business, about 80% is "customer service leaseback business; two is in the industry a total of more than 4 thousand enterprises, of which only about two or three of enterprises in the normal business, and about seven or eight of enterprises because of lack of money, people and other causes of business stagnation or no business, become a shell company.

at present, China’s financial leasing industry in general in accordance with the regulatory authorities of different divided into two categories, one is the supervision of the CBRC financial leasing company, about more than and 40, the other is the supervision of the Ministry of Commerce of domestic and foreign investment enterprise pilot leasing leasing companies, foreign leasing companies have more than 4 thousand, domestic the pilot leasing companies have about 190. According to statistics, by the end of 2015, the total assets of financial leasing enterprises of about 1 trillion and 600 billion yuan, domestic pilot financing lease

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