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2010-2011 marketing program

principles: to achieve directional flow, product sales as the main line, to the industry to match advertising as an auxiliary to achieve the ultimate profit

a, need to get what directional flow

from Baidu, Google and other search engines directional traffic is divided into the following four kinds of

1 parenting related key words, related keywords, long tail keywords and parenting related questions to answer

key: Children’s songs, songs, rhymes, pregnancy, Parenting Network


main keyword corresponding to the Baidu index were: 8000UP 13000UP, 5000UP, 5000UP, 2500UP


keyword in the Baidu home page a day can stabilize the directional flow of more than 3000IP, the primary key to use home page to optimize the relevant keywords and long tail keywords used to optimize the channel page and the parenting page optimization, the tag chain enhanced weight

2 and product sales related keywords

Sales of

collection and parenting, pregnant mother, raising children 0-6 years of age related profits products, through the product related keywords into the search engine on the position of sales, sales of internal links to a single page, the page requires exquisite production, sales guidance than strong, there are a lot of improve the conversion rate of candidate products, such as the L-carnitine slimming products, baby hair, the necessities and so on.

3 and industry matching advertising keywords

and parenting related industries are also very much, the kindergarten enrollment, pregnant women, baby photo, Yuesao and so on, many small field embraces a large amount of market share, the related industries of each city keyword row on the home page, and then sell the page advertising profit, because the city is long term, so the optimization is very difficult small, input-output ratio should be considerable.

4 social hot events, hot words keywords

tracking hot events, obtained recently by Baidu hot list, and the long tail related vocabulary mining of popular vocabulary published articles, get traffic; strictly speaking, this is not directional flow, but a flood flow, the flow of the gain purpose is very simple, is to obtain a good ALEXA ranking, website get the brand and position in the same industry.

directional flow from the target population distribution center

1 QQ group

joined the group through the QQ group of leisure life – baby baby to find the relevant group, the most active, spread through the QQ group mail, QQ mail, product demand, such as the induced knowledge dissemination way.

2 post bar

by setting the free resources attraction and the dissemination of knowledge in parenting and children in the way Post Bar >

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