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November 22, 2016, sponsored by the dark horse, the beauty of business interaction, 360 mobile phone strategic cooperation, the new media will be the dark horse horse branch, Shenzhen branch jointly hosted a meeting held in Shenzhen Shenzhen horse Great China International Exchange square. In the dialogue process, Karzai technology CEO gold, both simple group vice chairman Huang Yongxuan, co-founder of the new list, Chen Weiyu m meeting CEO Xie Guanpeng, 1000 network CEO Su Xuan, Tencent and host cloud Hejia Jamie launched a show titled "WeChat advertising: the combination of effect of" Tao "discussion.

below is the essence of the dark horse edited by I:

traffic to the center to change the form of advertising

Ji in exhibition: Chen, WeChat Internet really can do "


Chen Weiyu: This is a great attempt in the delivery of domestic information does not know what is displayed in the account, in the process of election, if advertisers pay to account for a primary screening, more than ever, that will effect better than ever.

discipline development: the combination of product efficiency in the past are separate, and now really can be combined together?

Scarlett: WeChat

he elected advertising is a combination of the previous experience, is standing on the shoulders of the platform, we are doing the connection between new media. Tencent through the official platform to do this thing, must be based on their own data to do. The source of all the effects of the state is certainly to be set, so the official platform opened, I think the quality of the upgrade. Advertising need to be very good ideas, Tencent and creative company with quality assurance in the future, plus a good brand advertising company, I believe certainly can do effective advertising quality and effectiveness are very good.

: do you have any experience and share with us


Jin Shuangshuang: go to the center of the form of advertising and the traditional center of the traffic is not the same, it is suitable for the brand and effect. Because the ad itself is based on the content of the ad. I think WeChat to do this kind of attempt, this direction is certainly right. Because we just found that traffic has changed, but a lot of traditional programming or traditional mode of delivery, including information flow, etc., or more concentrated traffic. Since the flow is to the center of the form of advertising to change.

discipline development: Tencent cloud has not done anything to help


He Jia: if it is advertising, Tencent cloud can help you not particularly. But Tencent cloud itself has the ability of large data, we will be the hierarchical framework of the data to be recommended, Tencent has an accurate portrait of the user, you can give the enterprise services to help them do more accurate recommendations. In this regard, I believe that WeChat colleagues will also consider the mutual advertising and user portrait combination. Small programs will not provide some help on the high stage. As far as our research and practice are concerned, it is like a subscription number is a letter

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