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Garbage sites can also find high quality links

only need a genuine and sincere mail can let you send mail, QQ mail,

mail receiving convenient!

mail should introduce your website, highlight the individual advantage, sincere, of course you can praise each other website, don’t forget to do a link to each other.


dear manager, Hello!

I am a chat network ( administrator, I am very pleased to be able to express this e-mail to you I want to communicate with you the intention of the site links.

chat video network introduction: Online provides TV watching, after six months of development, at present, about 300 thousand of PV! PR value is still only 3, but has been looking for high quality links, the next Google update has a higher value of PR will also Baidu! To everyday update! Access address: (3w)

I can ensure that the chat network does not use the search engine rankings cheating extreme practices, has been linked with the chat network to connect the site is the content of the health and search engines like site.

in order to show sincerity, I have in my site to your site to do a pure text hyperlink, you can visit the website view.

if you are interested in my site, and would like to do it on your site, it is the text of the link, the following is the name of my link and link address for your reference:

site name: chat shadow network

website address: (please do not add WWW)

finally, I wish you better and better development of the site

chat shadow network administrator

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