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What exactly is your website marketing strategy

believes that most of my friends have their own website or in other website network marketing work, but many people have such confusion, I in the end how to develop network marketing strategy I? Many people choose SEO, because it can bring the free flow. But is it really the most urgent thing you need?

industry often have the most effective network marketing strategy of the debate, then what is the answer? The answer is that each site is different, each site has its own different goals, different customer base. The most important thing is to understand what your potential customers want, what their online habits are, and you also need to know what your site is at, what kind of ability. As long as you get to know your clients and yourself, you will be able to work out different strategies at different stages. Whether you are doing e-commerce, blogging, operating a business website or build a station to make Google Adsense, can successfully find the corresponding strategies. Of course, success is to get through a lot of practice, not only adhere to a marketing strategy, only a few attempts to know which of the most effective on your site.


SEO – Search Engine Optimization

a lot of people think that SEO is simple to do keywords, looking for the site to send links can get free flow, in fact, is not the case. SEO is the most complex network marketing means I currently encountered, from the customer and industry knowledge, keyword research, network structure optimization deployment, create the construction of the chain, data tracking and analysis to repeat the analysis finally re optimization. All this is a cost of time and money, if a small business does not have the corresponding budget, or freeloaders, that may end up is The loss outweighs the gain. If a site has a long-term vision and put a lot of manpower and material resources, and ultimately get the return of the search engine, the SEO may be the site’s most successful investment in the past 10 years. For example, Luoyang website construction company, there are currently doing SEO services.

at the same time, don’t forget to investigate your potential customers are most of the use of search engines, if your client object is a high age, then you have to think about it is not worth it.

PPC – click on the ad

PPC with respect to SEO easy to understand more, search engines or web site gives you a platform, there are customers click on your ad you pay. Although the PPC algorithm is also very complex, but your advertising is good, but it is easy to see the intuitive. For many websites, they only need a few keywords ranking competition is not particularly high, why not spend some money to use PPC? Don’t worry that it may not need long-term investment returns, and can visually see the problem and make adjustments.

if your site is small and just started, but production >

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