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Liz eventually became the Oscar winner to see how the nternet Co marketing occasion

DoNews game February 29th news (reporter Zhang Jing) fifth nominated for a total of about 22 years, Leonardo (little plum) by virtue of the wild hunter has finally won the best actor in the lead. Domestic Internet Co, game companies do a lot of follow-up hot marketing.

Internet Co:

little bit of movement in the role of the different characters in the film of the cartoon image, advertising campaign, insist on.


with the way tourism advertising language contains two films ("Titanic", "wild Hunter"), the key words in the cruise and wilderness, also reflects the "tourism" theme.


Youku potatoes to do a very direct drainage, want to see the little Lee’s film "wild Hunter" directly to youku.


ink weather of Losangeles tomorrow for you is clever, sunny, it is cloudy to sunny.


game company:

many game companies are the small plum for Oscar winner of "22 years of history" as the marketing point, tour family network HR to send advertising.


hand travel to do brand marketing, highlighting the victory of the game as a player oriented game brand.



‘s interactive push novice tour, the background image is still the usual poker spades.


heroes mutual Entertainment’s gun battle hand travel to win the gun to push the game props promotional activities.

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