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What do you get from search engines How do they work

In general, search engines will bring you 20% to 60% online business. More than 1 billion of the world’s existing web pages, but also rapid growth. Therefore, it is necessary for us to find out how they work and how to make our ranking the forefront of the search results. For example, if you enter keywords "music" and "CD" in the AltaVista search engine, the search results will show that there are one million related web pages.  

if you rank in the top 20, so that a search engine for your extraordinary significance, it can bring you a lot of meaningful access and won’t cost you a penny, but your ranking in 50 after, it will be meaningful to you? Searchers are not able to see your web search (although it is theoretically possible), and of course it’s impossible to click on your web page.  

The first is

second category is "search software" search engine, they also have significant differences. According to the complexity of the software, the following are some of the differences between these search engines.  

you submit "search (and not on the entire website)    

on each page of a site is covered in each word    

on the Internet through every link from one page to another page Jump search page    

submit your web address, the retrieval software will automatically access and collect any content. Each search engine has its own standards, search results are different. So how do you submit your web page will completely affect your ranking. In addition, your ranking today is the first, tomorrow may not be, because many search engines frequently change their algorithm.  

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