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The door of O2O project of five typical causes of death and five clearance Secrets

Abstract: O2O death tide, is a necessary process for the O2O industry reshuffle stage, after the industry restructuring and baptism, the rest of the project is more independent of the survival ability, but also can realize its high efficiency and low cost to serve the public mind, for later reference and guidance value of more large.


at the moment, O2O is discussed and the focus of attention even if there are many different, but can not stop the focus of social concern, but also become an important theme in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship this basic fact.

in the news, in 2014 after the outbreak of the first year in 2015 as O2O, the industry quickly ushered in the depth of integration and reconstruction of the value, in this period of news media, often there is such a strange phenomenon, the news website of the title of the article is "XXX O2O closed door team disbanded news" the following is a "XXX door O2O project financing $120 million this exciting news, between life and death, only the interval of a row.

through the variation of hot and cold seasons to death in O2O dilemma, I can extract the common defects of more death door O2O, also can be summed up more from the winter capital, still stands proudly down behind the project.

1, the typical cause of the death of the home O2O project

Keywords: subsidy

with VC money blindly subsidies, subsidies are often uncontrolled, no basic business logic, is entirely in order to attract users, "" so-called demand made out, or pseudo demand, can not be sustained demand, eventually because of interruption of follow-up capital supply and direct sudden death.

Key words:

lack of industry experience in cross-border foreign passengers who enter, need money subsidies subsidies war project, are usually the ones who have not previously engaged in such industries in the field of amateur, no industry resource accumulation and user daily accumulation, word-of-mouth to seed users, so it can only use the capital subsidy, technology platform to attract users, often very difficult.

Keywords: follow the trend of

Most of the deaths of

home O2O enterprises, are often born in 2013 or 2014, to some industry development opportunities in the perception of O2O, starting from zero, the emergence of a wave of the following O2O, in a certain sense, follow the nature of the enterprise, lack of industry accumulation precipitation.

Keywords: platform

platform no on-line mode of any accumulation conditions, rather than gradually choose business rolling development model, all the water was almost cost devour, not any form of accumulation, at the same time in the premise of lack of necessary accumulation of both sides of the platform resources, can only be selected > move

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