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Brief discussion on the organization and activity of micro activity

micro-blog marketing to do a good job, a lot of ways, and many companies are trying to find a way to do their own micro-blog micro-blog marketing. Among them, micro-blog activity is one of the widely adopted ways. Its purpose is to increase the number of fans, improve the transmission rate to guide consumption and promote brand awareness. For enterprises, the planning and promotion of micro-blog activities has become a need to pay attention to the problem, and now to talk about micro-blog activities need to pay attention to the problem and some methods:

first, the purpose of micro-blog activities must be clear


business activities, the main purpose is what? Is the old customer feedback and promotion of new products or increase fans? Before we do things have a purpose, only a clear purpose, only the direction, micro-blog is the same, there is a clear purpose in order to carry out the planning activities and carry out the work.

two, the program can not be too complex


activities of the organization knowledge must be brief, not too complex, if participation is very complex or set the threshold is too high, then spread to the activity is very bad. As for the depth of understanding and familiarity with micro-blog to participate in the activities, everyone is different, too complex scheme will make many fail to participate in the activities of the qualification or novice users were excluded. Therefore, the activities must not be too complicated, to make it easy for people to master, so as to make the content of the activities to be better spread.

three, the promotion of activities to a wide range of

activities to achieve the fundamental effect much depends on the activities of the promotion and the scope of activities in addition to their micro-blog platform forwarding, to do preparatory activities, so that more people know the activities, such as the official website, blog, forum and offline activities such as the maximum possible range of publicity only by doing the work, in order to make the activity more audience to participate in, to achieve the best effect.

four, to have a standardized activity flow

in the organization of activities, we must have a more standardized operating procedures, so as to more effective implementation. Such as the release of the content of the activities of the time, the interaction of fans, the promotion of activities, prizes and other ways to get ahead of the specification is good.

five, there must be a way to open the event awards

is a business, no matter what you do, honesty is the most important, so is the micro activities for the award must be open, to get the trust of the fans, they will give you to do publicity, in order to achieve the reputation effect, and ultimately enhance the corporate brand image and good reputation. What activities such as micro lottery, released after winning fans, fans of sun and other gifts, only be open, notary, will enable the fans to trust to you, which is more effective in order to lay a good foundation for our next event.

six, micro-blog activities to track data and

micro-blog after the completion of the campaign, the number of

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