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They whisper, marketing ideas

1, micro-blog or WeChat. These marketing success cases can only be used for reference, never

can copy, which experts tell you, in accordance with these to do to be successful, must be fooled!

2, everything is oriented to guide users. All marketing is to seize the user’s psychology. All of the products are for user needs change. Such as micro-blog WeChat in general, everything is in the control of the user!

3, crazy forwarding interaction is not micro-blog marketing!

4, there is no product to talk about marketing or rogue, or is a bastard or a liar!

5, selling is the beginning of marketing, luring the creative guide. Shout is spread is to inform, brand name is actually "demand".

6, marketing guru Philip · Kotler said well, the laboratory can only produce great design, but great products only in marketing. He said: "when the product looks more and more the same, marketing should be a human power."

7, social networking is a real good faith.

8, micro-blog and strangers to the relationship. WeChat is suitable for service alternative marketing, WeChat is more like a customer management software, WeChat is a good tool to maintain customers. Micro-blog itself has the media attributes, both to maintain customers can promote brand communication. Let model marketing to the extreme, can let the word of mouth spread more efforts!

9, all marketing activities are based on trust, whether on the Internet or in reality. For example, I learn good @ @ @ my brother Zhao Zuolin yam beriberi their activities are driven by the circle, the circle will help them why? For instance my wine, I have no store, no Taobao store, but why micro-blog never met a friend dare to buy? Because the word: trust so! Trust is the marketing of all


10, marketing is the core of human nature. Otherwise, many marketing people are not practicing the insight into the heart.

11, Shi Yuzhu: advertising, it is actually an investment. It is in the minds of consumers, consumers are doing an investment in the brain. Liu Yufan said: network marketing is also a kind of investment, a kind of information to inform the investment.

12, the product is not good, we must rely on services to win, even if the service is not good, is the rhythm of death. Now the product surplus, excess information, rely on to win the hearts of consumers, really only service also!

13, marketing is to tell the story to others, let people listen to the mind!

14, Taobao is really tired, especially holidays. Just my Taobao friend asked me to help him by the way a single brush (friends to buy, not online). He told me to go to the store to get 10 dollars a red envelope, and then call me Taobao search keywords – find production >

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