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Depth analysis of why WeChat serious powder


off powder, I think this is a problem we are faced with each operator, regardless of our operations do Niubi, I think, no one can guarantee that our operation, never off powder case. In particular, our number is bigger, the situation is more serious.

if we only have a few hundred or thousands of people, so we can be hundreds of people out of the powder is basically no off powder, or a day off, but when the number of fans have reached tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even more, so we drop powder is quite serious that may be Jishijibaijiqian have.

so why would we WeChat powder, powder and what are the reasons?

first: content

content, we have repeatedly stressed that our content is better, but the content is now more and more difficult for us to do. One of the most important reason is that the punishment for illegal content WeChat is quite serious. Is one of the main contents of these rumors, yes we are difficult to control, but the content is also very concerned about the people, the exposure is basically what the government officials and certain. But now these operators forbid us to design related political content. In fact, all of us are very aware of the heart, these contents are not exposed, so as long as we made it, then it is directly deleted.

why do we say that our content will determine whether our fans will cancel the attention?

1 attract fans

the reason why we have so many fans will be concerned about is that we did not update the content they like, then this led to a large number of fans to cancel our attention. One of the key steps we have to attract fans is our content. So what kind of content we will be of high quality, first of all, we want to read a high volume, and that is our forwarding share high. One of the most important is the amount of forwarding, forwarding a high amount of words, then that our content is good enough, so you can rely on our forwarding so as to achieve the purpose of the growth of fans.

which we may find that we send the contents of some of the content of reading is very high, but we rarely forwarded, which shows our content is not very good, for this content we just for our fans, if so, what is that our fans will be bigger less.

but when we read the content of the general, but very high forwarding, then we can rely on this way to grow a lot of fans. Because of this content and spread out, we can not imagine how powerful the spread of this. Only in this way can we grow new fans. And in this way, even if we have a lot of fans to cancel attention, but we have a new fan attention, then the total amount of our fans or not

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