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Contact interactive $75 million investment Razer focus VR field

contact interactive announced today that $75 million strategic investment gaming interactive devices and software brand Razer (Razer). This is Razer’s C round of financing, as well as a number of investment institutions to participate in the investment.

, the heavy investment in Razer, it is fancy its achievements in the field of VR." He Zhitao, chairman of the interactive contact told love van.

contact interaction will support the development of Razer’s VR business in this investment, as well as the development of intelligent hardware. Contact interaction hope leveraging Razer in North America and the global market of the brand, sales channels, open overseas markets.

January 2015 CES, Razer jointly released Sensics virtual reality system OSVR (Open-Source Virtual Reality), hoping to accelerate the development of the virtual reality market. Sensics is known, it is a professional manufacturer of virtual reality technology, founded in 1999, is the industry leader.

and Oculus Rift as independent and ecological equipment is not the same, Razer is the platform of thinking, so a lot of software and hardware for developers will be released, including custom, the Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 3D game engine, allowing the third party through Windows, Android and Linux operating system software design, construction, and you can install your own screen, lens, eye tracking, camera and other components, individuals and companies can participate in.

Razer want to do is to create a virtual reality OSVR Android. But OSVR is not an operating system, but a development system, there are already a lot of partners, such as BOSCH, Razer, Sixense and Leap Motion, OSVR can also be installed on the Oculus Rift.

was established in 2007, the contact interaction is not the first time to invest in VR related businesses, in 2015, contact interactive collar cast Avegant $24 million B round of financing.

Avegant’s products Glyph won the 2016 CES best product award. Glyph head is characterized by the ability to project images directly onto the retina. Appearance looks like a headset, itself also has the function of the headset, you can connect with the phone, watch the video content, etc.. February 2014, Glyph head of the first public raised $about 1500000 on Kickstarter.

also has its own research and development of VR, its VR OS platform on-line at the end of 2015, >

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