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Pencil @ interactive marketing diamond

editor’s note: diamond marketing – that is, through the Internet technology, the realization of customer acquisition, customer retention and conversion of these three marketing stage, the core is concerned about their customers and interact with


shot to 1945, De Beers diamond supplier Bernie Harry was once a year Oscar attended the awards ceremony, when he put a 24 carat diamond necklace handed to the beautiful actress Joan · Crawford hand, she was called out loud: "this is really beautiful. What is it?" Harry said: "this is our company’s products, pure 24 carat diamond necklace." He asked: "what a diamond, it some special meaning?" Harry replied: "the diamond represents quality hard, everlasting, is your next generation and the next generation, it will still be beautiful and bright today!" "yes?" Crawford some sad, "if a man can love like a diamond, that nice ah!"

unintentionally, listener. Harry heard, the popular actress in marriage several ups and downs, there were so many misfortunes. It is not only the movie star, is also plagued by ordinary people, for life in love. Harry seems to suddenly found the diamond soul, he immediately adjust its marketing strategy, to love as the main line, hit the "TheDiamondisForever" brand, that later became a global advertising "Diamond forever, diamond is forever". As a result, the symbol of love diamond products not only changed the marriage customs of the city people, but also opened the Day Beers’s dream of the general consumer market.

Of course this is not to discuss

"a diamond is forever, forever" this classic advertising script source, do not want to study the recent tourism network in the same way at the launch of the hotel, have a diamond! The real use of African Diamond means to carry out marketing, but also to use the diamond marketing "theory in the new era.

in this so-called E era, the overwhelming majority of consumers on advertising and sales staff, such as reed tongue has long been immune, will not easily be fooled to pay. That’s the answer to a famous American businessman, John Warner, who said: "I know that half of my advertising money is wasted. The problem is that I don’t know which half of the money is wasted."

where is the problem?

lack of interaction is a fatal problem. Over the past ten years, the face of the complex, change rapidly the commercial society, people’s ideas and concepts but also because of the arrival of the information explosion has changed greatly, which makes the concept of marketing has changed from "product" to "customer", "informed" evolved into "communication", the most valuable is the "trust" instead of "information", the most effective way is to "tip" instead of "interference". Thus, the consumer has become an important part of the marketing process.

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