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New users come and run because you ignore these 5 points

door is a guest, this is home. A App if you can let users feel at home, wants to stay away, estimated that this is a good product. And (pre) beginners guide page is the first contact with the user, before spending a tremendous effort to guide users to come over, if the one to neglect the others, they must think of go. So talk to customers to say hello, let him have Guests feel at home. feeling, let him stay behind, can have the opportunity to do service.

Internet financial products has been the tuyere, but also the recent storm continues to focus on this segment of the hot areas, for example, to discuss with everyone.

very few products do not have a novice boot page, or allow users to log in directly. This kind of product experience can be imagined, so do not introduce here.

for most of the new page to do the product, there are some problems, mainly as follows:

flat, unfocused, dull;

hi or talking; common language is "more, more, more…


information points, not focused, a wide range of colors, unsightly;

text and pictures more casual, no strong correlation;

talk about feelings, but in addition to poetry and distance, the focus should not be concerned about the product and the user


I am a member of the association of units, I am a listed company, I was the beginning of the user concerned about this


light to display their own brand and some irrelevant data, forget the user and the product;

show inappropriate mascot;

star, scholar, founder of gangster or out to the site, the user may not know, talk about what can be increased trust? And with various "star endorsement of the treasure time accident, the negative news, the star endorsement trust can bring how many


(not more than fiction, but if there are similar, it is purely coincidental)

some of the new page theme material are good, but there is room for improvement, mostly due to the neglect of the following 5 points:

emotional interaction, into the user’s heart;

Introduction of function in


portraits clear;

visual impact;

watch user interests;

to give some chestnuts, convenient for everyone to understand.

ant treasure emotional interaction



page description, basic to most humans are included, and watch user pain points, causing the user emotional resonance "this is not me!".

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