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Network marketing ten skill six joint marketing plan


affiliate program more called website alliance, English call also many, such as affiliate program, referral program, associate program, profit sharing program, partners program etc..

no matter what the name is, the operation is the same. A website (usually commercial websites to sell something), set up a joint program for their own products, other owners can participate in the joint programs, or participate in the website alliance. In the alliance webmaster will get a website link, the station to the code on your web site, or through other forms of promotion of the affiliate program link. Visitors through the affiliate program link to this commercial website, have anything to buy sales, owners will receive a rebate or commission, commission.

joint programs need to have procedures to achieve the joint programs and click on the link to track purchase. Generally set up in the user’s computer to achieve cookie. Joint program through the joint link and cookie to determine a sales is to belong to which a webmaster introduced here.

webmaster commission can also have a variety of forms, may be a one-time, it may be the customer every time consumption, the webmaster can get commission.

The first successful use of

affiliate program is Amazon, Amazon can be said that the success of Web Alliance contributed. Now the country’s most famous Bookstore Dangdang and excellence, are used to jointly plan.

foreign joint programs are very common, a large part of commercial websites have their own joint program. In contrast, other domestic e-commerce sites use less joint programs.


affiliate program is a win-win effective website promotion way.

for businesses, without advertising fees, only in the time of the sale, to pay the commission.

webmaster, without any website operation, purchase, delivery, logistics support work, he has to do is to promote his affiliate program link.

users to buy products, there is no damage. Even if he buys directly from the merchant, the price is the same. If there is no webmaster, perhaps he can not find the businessman.

is my personal experience, business using the affiliate program, with particular attention to two points:

to participate in the Union’s webmaster enough training and help

if only joint programs provide links to other not a matter, a lot less experienced webmaster, may not know how to promote his affiliate program link. If the business can provide some tips and training, both for businesses and owners

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