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How to play the scene interactive marketing Hi site to teach you to do the following

with the rise of micro-blog, WeChat and other social new media, but also to make these platforms become a new interactive way of live activities. For example, micro-blog, WeChat on the wall. Micro-blog, WeChat live interactive sweepstakes. Through the setting of the award, the psychological needs of the users of the site can be effectively promoted, and the interactivity of the activities and the stickiness of users can be improved. Therefore, interactive marketing has gradually been the focus of traditional enterprises and Internet Co. Do a good job, do a good job in the field of interactive marketing, it is likely to spend a lot of money to advertise more effective.

now what are the popular ways of interactive marketing on the site?. Mainly include: sweep the yard sign (can effectively increase the number of fans and users), WeChat on the wall (let the event more interesting, interactive, improve) shake (active atmosphere), vote (accept user recommendations, allowing users to have a sense of participation, shake (red) to seize the user psychology, to attract users, lucky) draw (grasp the user psychology, to attract users) these are live interactive marketing is a very popular way, as long as they do, can receive very good marketing effect. Comparison of advertising and simple soft marketing, the effect is more direct, you can receive a large number of user data.

fun scene interactive marketing restricted by a lot of factors. In addition to the activities of their own positioning and objective factors, but also need to do a lot of preparatory work. Horses forage that is the truth. Today, I summed up the three points on the site interactive marketing preparations, we hope to be useful.

first, do a good job of soft marketing

excellent activities can not be separated from the early publicity. In addition to publicity, promotional copy, poster design these facade, the early must do a good job marketing soft. With a good point of the explosion of a wide spread of soft Wen, can cause more attention to the industry, improve the activities of authority, but also can bring a lot of on-site user registration. Harder than the cost of advertising, the effect is better, not easy to let the user antipathy.

write events, must be close to the positioning activities and activities, learn through marketing. What is the occasion to marketing, is popular with hot marketing. For example, what happened in the near future. What are the popular buzzwords, these are good soft material. Such remarks attracted the attention of the Rio Olympics, China’s Olympic athletes achievements. Swimmers become net red, expression packs in social media crazy forwarding. These are very good material. With these materials, combined with their own activities to write soft. Not only to attract users to read, spread out, with popular keywords, can also bring a lot of search traffic.

good soft can not be separated from the spread of the channel. Write the soft, the quality is good, not to go out to spread nothing. In addition to using their own channels, such as micro-blog, WeChat’s official website, the official public number. Like today’s popular media platform can also contribute a lot. On this basis, spend some more money on some paid news portal

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