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f you are a brand, then you have to look at the busy Langya list

this paper from many aspects to you on the TV series Nirvana in Fire in Su Mei Long through what is their strategy step by step to help the six prince, Wang jing. He was from the atmosphere, leading into the VAT, stand firm, strategizing and not forget the early heart in these areas to successfully started their own brand.

to the beam in

day cream to a corner.

to the sword with convulsion,

wanted to cross the Jie ling.



knows the future difficult hardships, carries a tears, a handsome face of blood still firmly in the Su Mei long life of life to the enemy got worse. He is able to move steadily forward in the story of ups and downs, will send his beloved brother Jing on the throne, by not only the protagonist halo, and the early establishment of a personal brand had a complete set of brand marketing.

create atmosphere

" northern six Prince no background, the weakest, finally entered the palace, because the Langya court expert help. " at the beginning of the story, Mei Su borrow such a long event can never be verified " northern six prince was appointed as the crown prince " to enhance their force and making sense of mystery.

, who is an expert, " " how to find him, to become the world’s " " Leung prince are most concerned about the topic. The story is similar, the three water mirror Sima Hui had revealed to Liu Bei " Wolong rephoenix, two to the world ". Liu Bei then began to ask around the hidden world expert, finally got in Xu Wolong’s identity and residence, please Sangumaolu Zhu Geliang, began the road to counter attack.

event marketing can be said to be speculation, you can borrow valuable news points or emergencies in the platform or platform for marketing to enhance influence. But only borrow clever to build up brand awareness, otherwise it will backfire. For example, mobile phone Meizu response to hot spot is quick, copy by " love of self timer " ride on uniqlo. Unfortunately, the ad copy simply highlights the product performance, did not protect the attitude of the parties, the lack of social responsibility marketing (SHA) will not get the support of fans.

lead into the vat of

then, Mei Long Su also created " Langya top, Jiangsa Mero, unicorn before, get the world. " this poem, and to guide the forms were sent to the prince and known palace, gradually spread in the capital issue. Mei to write their own advertisements being concise and comprehensive, direct heart. In addition, text layout is catchy, and DeBeers &q>

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