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Avoid these 7 traps so you can go further

in today’s entrepreneurial circles, there is a brilliant idea is not enough. Behind every successful story, there are countless attempts to fail. But after all, we still have a way to avoid becoming a paving stone on the road. In general, startups fail because they are too eager to do too much. Frankly, for not dazzle high-profile competition, but is your days after the grand debut advantage.



tell you how much money or is not Y Combinator or 500 Startups alumni Never mind, even if you have unlimited power to become the next · or · eilon musk; Mark; Zuckerberg also never mind. Of course, these factors are also very useful, but really can help you on the road to the success of the basic philosophy is: the beginning of the business as simple as possible.

this principle comes from Eric Ries, my own founder of STRV mobile and network development venture company is based on this principle, and personally verified its accuracy. For the past ten years, I’ve worked with hundreds of startups in the United states. A simple look at the book, I will be able to determine whether the program can succeed or fail. Most of the time, successful startups tend to be simple and clear when they start.

Brandon Asherian said, at the beginning of the release of the most basic, the core functionality of the application, you can make the development process more efficient. After that you can continue to add new features that people like. Therefore, light can help you save time and money, but also can quickly learn new information."

Asherian is talking about the idea, like most of my clients, we always have similar views on this issue.

But the

serial entrepreneur Razmig Hovaghimian, another one of my clients, but also put forward the views, he said: "the first task is to ensure that the chief executive has sufficient funds can be used before the product to find the market positioning. My experience is that you can not guarantee that startups will be successful, most of the final failure. If I want to say what is the probability of improving the success rate of entrepreneurship, I think team awareness, loyal user base, as well as the size of the unit economic benefits."

in my opinion, there are 7 key factors for the success or failure of technological innovation, which, of course, includes the main points mentioned by Asherian and Hovaghimian. Careful to avoid these traps, I believe that success will not be too far away from you.

1 do not have to produce a complete product, every time to do the most valuable products (MVP) on it.

over the years, many came to my company’s STRV founders always want to be officially released before the product has

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