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Talk about these years think of WeChat marketing alternative

WeChat marketing debate has not stopped, some people think that WeChat marketing flood situation, need to be controlled and improved; some people think that negative marketing micro marketing is too large, should not exist, need to suppress; some people think that WeChat marketing momentum hot, marketing effect can not be ignored and so on, these views have reason, can only say that WeChat has a lot of shortage of place in marketing, the next step to make a better improvement and adjustment. Of course, WeChat still has the market marketing, and the potential is huge, and not like all people think negative, of course WeChat marketing needs to control and management, more need not overdo sth.. No matter how much difference in the treatment of WeChat marketing, absolutely can not change the micro business enthusiasm for the new micro marketing. On the current market, WeChat marketing or marketing on Feng Shui, how to do marketing WeChat


fully understand the characteristics of WeChat. WeChat’s powerful communication platform, does have a comprehensive element of marketing needs, it can be said that the inherent quality of genes. If the light with marketing, WeChat platform is really too much, it has flexibility and concealment, is without what cost, in order to extend the characteristics of users is particularly high, the volume of the conversion rate is particularly high, and consumer loyalty is particularly high, also it has the huge user group we also have a comprehensive understanding of all the features of WeChat to friends, baizhanbudai. Only by understanding the efficacy of the product, for example, can be an antidote against the disease, the function of the bottle and the people in the neighborhood, it is also more suitable for social marketing, what taboo does not exist here, of course, not all information is low-level approach of marketing commodity introduction, this will cause the user antipathy. Therefore, only by fully understanding the characteristics of WeChat function, more marketing content cleverly implanted into these functions, the imperceptibly the purpose of marketing this is a great success.

to do emotional marketing. WeChat platform is the most hidden place of trust, is not the same as any other kind of platform can not be achieved, the transfer of this trust is a kind of emotional marketing. Some people say that trust marketing is a kind of deception, this is completely wrong, first I run the normal goods, not from the false and inferior may simply be a good thing to recommend to friends, we share together. This said, if you take the emotional marketing and marketing micro-blog compared to it, its advantage is easier to be accepted and the atmosphere was not the same breath, WeChat in the marketing circle of friends can be said to be a recommendation, and between friends is cognitive degree, promotion etc. much higher. No matter how tight the wind outside, go out on a friend, WeChat marketing inseparable from the circle of friends.

public numbers can not be ignored. WeChat marketing performance is really secondary, do WeChat marketing is to make the brand bigger and stronger, how to enlarge the circle of trust in the circle of friends, the public account is preferred. Such a user and the feelings of the establishment is very critical, the quality of the content may be to work hard, in the frequency of push >

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