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nternet marketing how to get your users to find you

do network marketing friends in the network make a pot of gold, which has attracted the attention of many friends, especially the business profits, because the electricity supplier is very large, so loved by everyone. However, for network marketing, the most critical issue that directly affects the gain is how to get your users to find you?


the author thinks that lets the user find you to need five steps: attraction – – – – – – – – – – – – – to support. First you do a product, you have to consider how to attract your users, if you do not pay attention to the user, or do not know there is your product, then do network marketing will not have any meaning. We believe that all of the friends do network marketing is not simply to do publicity, it is in order to gain income from.

has only attracted is not enough, it is more important to the user familiar with your products, which is to have a certain degree of difficulty, how to let your users from being attracted to you familiar with your products, this is not just a test of the previous do attract work is not in place, there is no real appeal to to understand the user’s psychological, as long as you are really attracted to let it know you, you know.

next is interaction, in fact, you can think of as interactive. Many friends feel that a website does not need to interact, in fact not so. An interactive website, the credibility is very high, easy for patients to trust, and, for users, is a high degree of trust. If you can allow patients and your site to interact with each other, then it is further exchanges.

is again maintained. If your product is very good, then the user is willing to use it again, we all know that the product will not buy a do not have to say, we do the most concerned about the product to be used again. So, your product is good, is the most concern, not a good product, in fact, to marketing, sales are temporary, not a long time, so it’s really awesome products.

followed by support, is recognized. Whether your users will recognize this product, if approved, he will help you free of charge to introduce to others. If you have a good preparation, including one step after another, then you will be loved by the user. Make your product really recognized, so that your users will recognize you. In this way, you can get a steady stream of income later.

– familiar with

attract — Interaction — maintain support around the user experience of the life cycle in the operation, we should make it clear that everything we do is around the user experience in doing, this is the key of network marketing.

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