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Taobao products how to do related marketing Use of traffic resources to reduce the cost of promotion

if you participate in activities at the same time, with the planning of a number of related marketing diversion, diversion, improve conversion rates and customer price, you can make full use of the flow of resources to effectively reduce the cost of promotion.

/ guest author Tao Baolan sister


for businesses, each flow is precious, because we all know, the traffic is purchased, so every time the train and drill exhibition launch, we will pay particular attention to changes of click rate, conversion rate and loss rate jumped, but for the official activities disposable "wholesale" to flow, the attention of businessmen is not enough, so the effect is not satisfactory.

at present, in addition to Juhuasuan’s higher threshold, the official gold coins, senjo exchange, every day special offer platform in conditions of registration activities more and more inclined to small sellers, these activities are of high quality traffic entrance, if participating in activities at the same time, together with some related marketing planning for diversion, diversion, improve the conversion rate and the price, we can make full use of the flow of resources, reduce the cost of promotion.

one, how to use the activities to do related marketing

different forms of activities to achieve different objectives and different activities will be different in the rules, we make a statistical and inductive form a variety of promotional activities usually see in the table below, make it become clear, so that we understand and remember.


we often take part in the official activities are usually based on discounts, shipping and other forms of support price for example: eleven, double twelve, Juhuasuan, gold, and other special offer every day, we may need to store multiple collocation activities in an official activities, will be beneficial to improve the conversion rate and the activities of the guests unit price.

example: collocation full shipping and full reduction activities in gold coin activities, or Juhuasuan activities to buy gifts and collocation, clearing activities full of gifts.


two, planning related marketing to targeted

in front of us through statistics and induction, sorting out the different forms of activity corresponding to the activities of the form, return to the operating objectives, we are most concerned about is nothing more than the following four questions:

1, how to get more people to view (


2, how to get people to buy (conversion)

3, how to get people to buy more (customer price)

4, how to buy to buy again (re purchase rate)

so, taking part in the activity has already solved the first problem to some extent. We need to think about how to pass this

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