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Can not jump out of the inertia of thinking mode, how to talk about subversion [read history know en

lead: if you are following your business, with most people’s mode of thinking about how to subvert the



there is a phenomenon in China, prone to do things like a swarm of bees. For example, now keen to start, there is the business. Mobile Internet fire, they do APP; O2O is popular, prying into O2O mode; Internet plus or + Internet pop, is desperately Internet plus or + Internet, create a false prosperity and excessive competition situation, many people do not fully combine their own situation, also do not think there is no need to do with non Association these hot, people seem very worried, miss this trend and boom, the times will be left behind to go. The underlying reason behind this phenomenon is that most people lack the ability to think independently, driven by the inertia of thinking, can not jump into the bar.

a business is also true, such as an integrated enterprise, has always been around the project, the path is to find sales opportunities, get the key user to control the bidding process, and then do the project. From manufacturers and users on both sides to profit margins. The mode of operation of the enterprise has been so, from the boss to the employee’s thinking mode is also easy to cure, the formation of inertia. When the market environment changes, such as the entire industry to reduce capital investment, such as changes in the way the procurement, such as the instability of the manufacturers, will have a profound impact on it.

The former Zhongguancun

how much a view of the enterprise, because the environment has changed, the enterprise is a powerful force of the hands and feet tied, making it difficult to be made quickly, and soon fall fast, no longer.

the inertia of thinking has a subtle influence on people. It is difficult to jump out of the inertia of thinking mode.

first of all people’s education background and growth environment has an important impact on people’s cognition and thinking, for example, it is easy for people to look at the rural people with their own eyes, and vice versa. For example, parents used to help children arrange everything, that is what the child needs. For example, it is difficult for people without religious beliefs to understand the behavior of religious believers, this will produce a huge cognitive and blind thinking. We think of things like this, but in fact is not the case, so the need for cognitive object in-depth understanding and communication, can stand in their thinking, so as to get rid of the inertial effect and the limitations of thinking.

with the enrichment of our education and learning, we form a set of their own cognitive experience. These experiences make us work more efficiently, so our thinking is usually based on past experience. So the environment and conditions have changed, it is difficult to detect. Cling to the experience very easy for us to lose the desire to explore the unknown, out of curiosity, in a complacent situation. Therefore, we should not only accumulate experience, find the law of things, on the other hand, we need to keep curiosity, keep the desire to learn

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