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How small and medium sized enterprises to promote information

      first look at the small and medium-sized enterprises in the promotion of information have done?

      1) non stick Internet enterprise

      many small businesses do not consider going through the network to claim to promote their own enterprises and products, they still rely on their own friends, to build the upstream suppliers, downstream from sales. This is to look at the seemingly stable living environment, many small and medium enterprises to bury a lot of hidden dangers, the enterprise is not to have the ability to resist risks. This kind of enterprise is doomed to be difficult to obtain the better development and the further breakthrough in the future information environment.

      2) sales staff engaged in information dissemination

      this is the way most small businesses use, or sales staff, or the boss himself occasionally send information on the network. But we must recognize that the sales staff’s expertise is to interact with customers, to promote the sale of the transaction. The promotion of Internet information, the need for a certain amount of experience in the operation of the Internet technology, the need to understand the Internet information collection, distribution channels. The boss requires the overview of enterprise, its energy is limited, can not do the information promotion work.

      3) commissioned information release company

      if the two enterprises can’t do well, then it can only entrust others to do it. Unfortunately, the current lack of standardization and management of the service industry, the name of the site to promote the release of a number of enterprises, and even individual part-time can do. However, due to the lack of relevant knowledge of the enterprise itself, people are always "fooled" more. Through the mass dissemination of software to promote information, not only did not bring good results, but to the enterprise hidden dangers.

      then how should enterprises promote information?

      1) information release website

      now many kinds of classification information website, can provide information for the enterprise to provide a reasonable channel. But remember not to repeat the contents of the information can not be released, can not directly publish advertising information, the information should be nested in the body of the advertising site is more appropriate, and the effect is better. Business network station has collected a lot of related documents, such as "Internet Chinese classified information website" collect "business information website" collection "industry website navigation manual" in the network business forum are free to download to the station.

      2) Forum promotion information


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