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How to maximize the effectiveness of the medical website

Hello everyone, I am Muzi into a boat. Optimizing a website has recently been busy Beijing Dongyuan Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, to tell the truth I feel very tired, because the station is quite large, but basically I optimize a person to do, Shundaizhao must do editing, but no way, the total work to do. Today, I will talk to you about how to promote the optimization of this kind of large-scale medical website to maximize the effect.

first, the foundation of the site to do a good job

website in the process of promotion of the most fundamental point is also relative to all the most important thing is to do the basic work. The basis of the work includes: Site Title Keyword settings, web content anchor text of the building, the chain of friends outside the site to add.

1, website title keywords set

look at my Beijing Cancer Hospital website title, description and key words:

                < title> tumor _ _ tumor therapy treating tumor _ Beijing Cancer Hospital Dongyuan tumor < /title>

                < meta name=" description" content=" Dongyuan cancer network brings together many domestic well-known professor of cancer experts, to introduce a variety of cancer etiology, symptoms, treatment, prevention, diet, nursing, diagnosis knowledge, using the method of treatment of traditional Chinese medicine tumors help patients relieve pain, early rehabilitation! Beijing Cancer Hospital hotline: 010-52320326" />

            < meta name=" keywords" content=" tumor, tumor therapy, Chinese medicine treatment of tumor, Beijing Cancer Hospital " />


the site’s key words, description and title are very simple and clear, clear thinking, both the performance of their own characteristics can also tell their own to optimize keywords, positioning is also more clear!

2, website content anchor text construction

website content is full of flesh and necessities of the website, for such a big industry, is quite large in capacity needs added every day, he recommended that the competent content on the site looking specifically responsible for the editing before me, but it is still not resolved. Now every day on my brother and I am responsible for the contents of the day in 30-40 or so, >

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