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n Party B’s work is not as good as the first party to sell products

: This is the "Nene by creative director from Party B to party a market copy, what I found" third series, author Pan Jingxian (ice free) is a product content officer "chief content officer evolutionary experiment" students, but also a day of group members, and will continue to share his nearly ten years a copy of sentiment in the land, welcome buddies sustained attention yo ~

The interaction between

second: below this high iron ticket advertising, if you copy, you can use what way?


has a friend answer:


this is exactly the same as I thought. Basic can give out.

of course, the real advertising on it, there must be a lot of investigation. If we want to wicket advertising sold out as soon as possible, at least to analyze the daily flow of people is about how much, what kind of people in many people’s eyes on the billboard for a few seconds, and so on. In this way, it is possible to make more scientific advertising, as soon as possible to sell products (advertising).

Party B copy most like to play from the reality of creativity: works. But I mentioned above these, is actually selling products in the party.

from childhood creativity to big marketing

told you something that woke me up. Because I do not have the city of 4A, there is no large body of advertising companies, so I quickly to the ceiling. In 2013, I was also a creative director of the advertising company, I have several bids TVC, are the latest to participate, but the best program. I am tinkling se, feel no opponent. Until later contact with several advertising companies, I found that I was competing with is what people ah? Just graduated a few years students, over twenty new advertising, no strategy by the planning and proposal of business part-time boss…… And I’m thirty "old man". I suddenly wake up, not your side no cattle, but cattle people are not to finish with you. This achievement is cheap. Won’t have anything to show off, lost is shame. (as I now had a beard, remind yourself of your old, don’t win a few recruits is opinionated)

is now in retrospect, at that time for exactly seven years, there is also

occupation of the seven year itch?

well, 2014 double 11, I went to a manufacturing enterprise. Fortunately, the company is doing office products, have their own brands, while online and offline force the domestic market.

into the company a few months, I trained in B advertisement skills quickly emerged in a boring manufacturing cavity of the copy, Mister soon got me. But after one year (I did not change the role, he has praised me) is demoted, i. He asked me a question: let me restless without you "

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