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The first website to promote the knowledge base on-line

      the development of the Internet today, many people can not do without it every day. Have a website, is no longer limited to enterprises, institutions, more and more individuals have their own website. But many people do not understand the website promotion, network marketing, website operation, search engine optimization and other professional knowledge. I asked a few are working in the Internet industry of the people, some people can not tell what is SEO, the PR value, there are a lot of people don’t know how to network promotion, website operation.


      obviously, our knowledge of Internet based popularity there are still many problems, perhaps it seems do not affect the development of China’s Internet, which to some extent hinders the further development of the internet. Especially in relation to most of our website of vital importance to promote the popularization of the Internet will affect people’s views and attitude toward the web. One does not know the promotion of the website operators, can not get any gains from the site, it is possible to site lost confidence, then I will not believe in the internet. When more and more people and enterprises have such a situation, it will bring huge losses to China’s Internet industry.


      recently, Internet observation center WeaMAX officially launched China’s first website to promote the knowledge base, knowledge base contains a variety of promotion, marketing knowledge and methods of network at present, some scattered trivial relevant website promotion, network marketing knowledge arrangement. A large number of content, how to popularize the basic knowledge, the system is divided into the website, website, website promotion method to make money management strategy, search engine optimization, website marketing methods in six sections, provides a high quality learning and research platform for Internet users.


      it is understood that the contents of the knowledge base is carefully filtered through the center, which makes the article on the quality of a certain degree of assurance. So rich in content, such a full range of knowledge base, will also become the country’s largest website promotion knowledge base.


      popular website promotion, website operation and other basic knowledge, will be the only way to further development of China’s Internet industry.

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