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ALEXA webmaster Raiders

wrote this article before the plans in the "ALEXA" with a "traffic world", a ALEXA can turn to the main business and the current function is not a special web traffic ranking website, rather it is a search site, providing navigation website classification. But in China, most people and my first reaction is that it is a website ranking website is a website ranking "". Is "Forbes" is to make the rich and famous, ALEXA is famous for the rankings.

ALEXA is the first at the beginning of 2003, but because of its full English that I only know of its fur, with the domestic media to mention it again and again, also began to consciously understand words. Especially in the recent "search" ( has just launched a few months ranked ALEXA ranking 30 in the world and was a large number of media reports; and the acquisition of Baidu web site home HAO123 (, in which he mentions " flow in the ranks the whole ball around 25." Make people more frequent contact with ALEXA. ALEXA recognized as the authority of the web site rankings.

to make some acquaintance with the people like ALEXA a year ago, I understand it, this will be a compilation of ALEXA, launched ALEXA. The ALEXA strategy is divided into two parts: ALEXA Raiders (on), ALEXA Raiders (2) (quoted in this article a lot of articles, to thank them, this is not completely original, but as a summary)

ALEXA Raiders (above): understanding

Raiders one: understanding ALEXA

Raiders two: ALEXA ranking mechanism

Raiders three: ALEXA ranking formula

Raiders four: ALEXA ranking change list

ALEXA Raiders (below): application

Raiders five: ALEXA ranking what is the use of

Raiders six: how to join the five-star ranks ALEXA

Raiders seven: how to display ALEXA rankings on their website

Raiders eight: how to correctly look at the Raiders ALEXA
ALEXA (above): understanding

Alexa website was founded in April 1996, in 1999 became a wholly owned subsidiary of amazon. Alexa site was originally a classified navigation site, but also provides information on the dynamic network related data and services, including traffic information, analysis, etc.. In the spring of 2002, Alexa website and Google website, began to provide search services. Up to now, after nearly 8 years of accumulation, Alexa website has been

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