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On the local website free publicity and promotion of 5 good methods are very practical

I was not very aware of the network promotion through various aspects of learning and their own efforts to explore, to promote some of my experience and experience to share with you

promotion of local sites 4 practical methods

a classification of information publicity law: through various types of search to find the country’s more well-known classification information website. Such as 58, list, easy board, etc.. Regularly send some information to promote their website. The effect is very good general 1-2 days in Baidu can appear. My site ( is to do this and the effect is really good. Of course, we have to collect this website. And according to the results of the search regularly update the information, found that the ranking of the site is better to send some information so that their website ranking and search volume are good.

two yellow propaganda method: there are a lot of free online yellow pages website. Publicity can be carried out, and the overall effect is relatively good. To spend a lot of time to sort out these pages web site in the early stage. See which promotional efforts. This method of propaganda is to use other people’s platform to promote their own. My horse errands to me from a local website ranking in the national ranks by this method. This method is also more practical.

three self-service website promotion law: now there are a lot of websites have launched free self-help website. We may wish to do some publicity in this regard to their own website to do the relevant information on the picture and content, as far as possible to do a little clean so that their ranking in Baidu is very good. This kind of propaganda is also about you a lot of websites to increase publicity. Even if the site does not include Baidu, other sites are included. And some of their own wind station Baidu will be included in the priority collection. Especially in the early local website promotion is very practical.

four QQ comprehensive propaganda Law: I believe we also know that some of the QQ propaganda methods. But many of you do not understand the deeper publicity. If the QQ group should pay attention to the related problems: not the beginning of the various ad, that group will take you T off, just beginning to lay a good relationship we slowly began to send advertising. This effect will be better. In addition, through the search for local online users, as well as city people. Write down the number. And then take the time to send them an e-mail, regular hair, the effect is more direct.

above is my personal experience in the promotion of local websites. Can be said to be very practical. Original reprint please note the name of the source (

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