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Zi Han users like the brand grassroots webmaster to create visibility

now, I believe that many webmaster headache, generalized method of yisou a large, but many are the same. Methods are so few, how to use is a learning.

as a webmaster, everyone hopes the station can be more people know, so, website promotion on the site prior to the success is the webmaster of a course of compulsory, methods are similar, the commonly used method behind what can use the promotion methods? Han share summed up his own method to create "copycat reputation". I hope the webmaster friends a bit of merit.

walking in the street, everywhere advertising, bus, bus stop, on the wall, big money to do business out of these ads, you don’t think they can not take back the cost, these ads can not only increase the flat brand effect, business income, and increase the enterprise exposure rate. Now the consumer psychology conformity phenomenon is serious, the same goods, a not advertising, a substantial publicity, most consumers prefer to give some money to buy a "famous brand", this is the "brand effect"! In order to satisfy their vanity, would rather buy expensive, is not willing to buy affordable, but as a webmaster, not much money to spend money on advertising, brand building, so the need to use our brains, how to spend less money to achieve the effect, or not to spend money.

the reason is the same, want to buy server fame a large space, so webmaster friends should stand for his love to improve visibility, some friends said, I am a small station where there is so much money to advertise, build awareness! Let Han know heart! We all know that hard, picked the best the most money, the most useful method for everyone to spend money on advertising, it is the mainstream method, today we talk about the "copycat popularity" how to make.

to create cottage visibility

as the name suggests, "copycat" two words can not be used indiscriminately, now what are the popular copycat, mobile phone, MP3, MP4 and so on, we may often be such words into a new website or blog, and become the user, "XXX teacher’s website" XXX’s website product". People want to know what the XXX is a company or what person, he is a cow?. Into your web site, full of curiosity, is a good traffic, thus creating such a view in his mind, "this website is a regular business or a respectable person, after the relevant business, naturally find their most" trust "the person or company, however. Don’t you know that this is the individual webmaster or blogger just a little trick, in fact they are not unknown to the public, celebrities or regular large-scale enterprises, is the use of this curiosity and people of well-known products advocate, the site is sacred in the hearts of the people, let the people know the truth does not want to immediately see this station side, or stick of incense, worship for three days and nights, of course, the website, the days and months multiplying, natural person has become the popular response to the well-known websites, blogs. >

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