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90% of the electricity supplier will not play zero risk commitment!

sold to the same product, the price war hit NB then blew the fight at outrance, a lot of customers can not buy it is? I believe that many electricity providers do will encounter this problem, headache. According to the conventional we also increased by 7 days no reason to return, but a little useless, it is increasingly difficult to do business.

yes, whether it is to do online or offline channel channels, because too many competitors, product homogeneity serious, the guests are becoming more and more savvy, this business is getting worse. In fact, these are the surface of the phenomenon, I remember yesterday in the article mentioned a very important thinking, reverse thinking. When we want to sell a product, we should first of all be clear about what the product can solve. Have you ever thought about


to dig out the value of the product, complete the whole explanation to the customer to listen to, explain the more clearly, you will be a big step ahead of your competitors, but also on the value of the depth of the line. After the value of mining products, some customers may not believe you said, this time zero risk commitment is the best reason to convince guests, that is to say, but now most businesses have made the commitment, the effect is not good at all. In fact, this is also very normal, where the specific problem, you know?

is very simple, all businesses have committed 7 days no reason to return, you can follow the seven days no reason to return, is to become an industry standard, the guests became accustomed to, so this is the majority of businesses do zero risk commitment regardless of the important reasons.

a real zero risk commitment is what

is the best in the guest zero risk commitment shilly-shally when reassurance, because of this promise yourself reduces the risk of being defrauded, it can be the first product to buy, use, the effect is not good, not satisfied with the direct return on the line.

many times when we go shopping, merchants say is how good, but we as consumers, the product itself does not understand, can only fight by merchants say, look on the surface is very reasonable, but still skeptical.

cheated many times, naturally will be very careful to treat each decision, to reduce their risk to the lower the better. Sometimes it is best to recall that can be used for a period of time, so I know the business is right. Zero risk commitment it an excuse is to let customers free experience, with a bad buy. Can not afford to buy strong sell, so, as a business, the need to worry about the guests listed out of the problem, targeted commitment on the OK

two, different industries have different commitments

the world does not have a charter and suitable for all industries, must be based on the characteristics and characteristics of the industry to develop a different commitment to ensure that. Do not deny a reason, most of the line

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