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Talking about why users choose classified information network

for the South Gate Bridge classified ads are mostly concentrated in the second-hand housing rental, transfer, job recruitment is directly related to the vital interests of short-term users. I think you all right not to see those useless information to you, when people meet this kind of demand, usually by comparing a number of information, and information in these selected a maximum can meet the demand of information, and then make the purchase decision.

in the newspaper advertisement, advertising, information classification covers numerous cover and contain everything in today’s society, all walks of life, to meet the needs of the audience in daily lives, in a sense, the classification of information advertisement of newspaper has become one of the newspaper’s own selling point, the number of classified information advertising reflects the social recognition of the extent of the newspaper.

to the ordinary people, the classification of information than the news entertainment much more affordable, because it directly to the needs of the people, it is different from traditional advertising boring, not only offensive, but also take the initiative to go, people are looking to see advertising, this is the biggest event for advertisers. In newspaper advertising is relatively developed south, classified information for the main advertising Yangcheng Evening news outlets throughout the city in the Pearl River Delta, the classification of advertising information published a full page seen almost every day. Xinmin Evening News also from time to time in the newspaper published classified information advertising throughout the districts and counties of Shanghai accepted point, actively develop the classification information of advertising. These papers on classified information advertising price tag, and actively guide, the nearest accepted, to maximize the convenience, affordable service for readers. Classified information because of its close to life, serving the people, the overall price has won the recognition of the community, resulting in a positive social benefits, promoting economic development, to bring convenience to the people.

classified information advertising because of the publication time, advertisement demand is relatively loose, won the favor of the newspaper media. The newspaper, classified information advertisements not only brought considerable advertising revenue, but also to facilitate the regulation of the amount of newspapers, and classified information of advertising to attract different levels of readers cover and contain everything. In daily life, glanced through the newspaper news title content, advertising information classification reading verbatim by readers meet the eye everywhere. The classification of information into the newspaper advertising version of the most engaging and most popular reading, the highest rate of gold. At the same time, because of the information classification information unique characteristics of supermarket advertising improves the newspaper cover and contain everything, affinity, plays the role of a bridge to communicate with the newspaper readers, has become a new selling point for some of the mainstream newspapers.

actual survey shows that the majority of published and accepted classification information is still our simple low consumption level of people, from 15 to 50 years old between the crowd. It is this point Nanmen7.Cn headquarters launched a free exchange of information network based on the South Gate Bridge Information Network’s goal is to create the famous Chinese people free China city information exchange platform, to build Chinese famous city online community. We have to promote and strengthen the application of the network, the network to enjoy the convenience of living, South Gate Bridge Information Network headquarters launched a "million business yellow pages for free to live.

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